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The IB STREAM program at Roosevelt Middle School provides rigorous curriculum that meets California state and Common Core standards. This strengthens students' knowledge in all subjects and fosters innovation through application of 21st Century skills.

Students are encouraged to critically assess the implications of science concepts and their applications to local, as well as, global issues. Through the implementation of scientific inquiry investigations, students collect, organize and analyze data, and draw conclusions based on that analysis.

Roosevelt has three STREAM technology labs.Two multimedia labs provide space for students to explore artistic design concepts and apply skills and knowledge using 21st century tools. There is also a language lab offering space and tools needed for second and third language acquisition. In addition, 1:1 computing is available in all classrooms.

Literacy is foundational to all IB/STREAM content. In each subject area, reading is required in order to develop knowledge and understanding. MYP students will learn to evaluate specific information, ideas, opinions and attitudes presented in written texts. In turn, they will analyze, evaluate, and respond to a wide range of written texts, in two languages.

An understanding of engineering is developed through the IB Design Cycle. In this inquiry process, students identify real world problems, investigate possible solutions, create a product or solution, and evaluate the product or solution based on Design Cycle IB criterion.

Similar to engineering, the arts are approached as a framework for inquiry in order to foster, encourage, and expand creative thinking. Works of art are created and students must reflect upon the process.

Understanding of the concepts from the five branches of mathematics (number, algebra, geometry & trigonometry, statistics & probability, and discrete mathematics) is essential. Students will use appropriate mathematical concepts and skills to solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations, including those in real-life contexts; and apply general rules correctly to solve problems.

MYP subject groups naturally align with STREAM. The approach to teaching and learning in IB isproject-based where students engage in globalchallenges through inquiry, action and reflection.

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