Construction Groundbreaking Ceremony

In the news:

 After more than 100 yearsRoosevelt Middle School in San Diego is undergoing a significant transformation. Construction crews have already begun work on the campus, and the project aims to enhance the school’s facilities and security. Here are the key aspects of the renovation:  

San Diego's Roosevelt Middle School to get major upgrades

  1. New Student Services Office: A brand-new student services office will be constructed.
  2. Classroom Facility: The existing student services office will be transformed into a classroom facility.
  3. Parking Lot: A new parking lot will be created, facilitating student pick-up and drop-off.
  4. Security Enhancements: The campus will see improvements in security, including perimeter fencing, cameras, a public address system, and fire alarm equipment.
  5. Sustainability: Solar panels will be installed in the new parking lot on Zoo Drive.

Roosevelt Middle School gets renovated 100 years later


San Diego Unified Superintendent Lamont Jackson expressed that while construction may cause some inconvenience, it will ultimately provide students with the space they deserve. The project is estimated to be completed by summer 2026.

This exciting renovation ensures that Roosevelt Middle School continues to serve its community effectively for years to come! 🏫🛠️


Reconstruction begins on historic Roosevelt Middle School

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